Cord’s Corner: the Men’s Zara “Floral” T-Shirt



While known as a fast-fashion empire, Zara is one of the more classier labels for the masses with jumpsuits and jackets that even celebrities mix and match with high fashion Choos and Celine totes.  From the men’s department, the graphic tee simply labeled as the “Floral T-shirt” has slowly become a hot commodity for fashion-forward city men.  Distinctive’s men’s fashion correspondent Cordero first spotted the tee and had this to say about its contribution to his “comfortable alternative” wardrobe:

When I first saw the picture I was first reminded of when Cassie, the singer, there an event in which she wore a long black shirt with something similar.  It had colorful panels and numbers on it.  I thought it was very dope because she wore it with some Nikes and leathers pants. To me it combied two separate worlds which was urban and classic chic.  And I kept that in mind and always wanted something like that”.

Cord’s reference is the outfit Cassie wore to Kanye West’s last fashion show in Paris.  She specifically wore a shirt from Givenchy’s men’s pre-Fall 2012 collection; KTZ leather quilted harem pants, and a pair of classic Nike sneakers.

Cassie-Ventura-Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2012-Collection-T-shirt-at-Kanye-West-Show-Paris-3The shirt from Zara, which is available nationwide, retails at an affordable $29, so this item receives no ouches for being super wallet-friendly!


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