Let’s Review: Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless mascara

CAMPAIGN-TEASER_LashAccelerator_0While I’m still mourning the discontinued product of Volum’ Eyes from Rimmel (it was one of their first items to crossover to the U.S.,) I still find this British brand to offer some of the best drugstore mascara on the market.  Not all of their mascaras are amazing like any brand, for example their Scandal-Eyes is a pass, but when they are amazing, such as the unforeseen Volume Flash The Max, they are godsend for mascara lovers on a budget.

Their latest to the crew, the Lash Accelerator Endless, is a slinkier version of their original Lash Accelerator that Zooey Deschanel promoted.  It promised longer lashes with in its ingredient infusion of a Grow-Lash complex.  I didn’t care much for this tube when I had it.  I found the brush to be oddly angled which made it annoying in application and it just didn’t do anything.  Did I feel like my lashes grew?  Ehhhh.  Interestingly though, one time I did get complimented on my lashes and it just so happen I was wearing Lash Accelerator that day, but I also mixed it with another mascara as I usually do.

The Endless version I do like a lot better.  It doesn’t offer flamboyant lashes at all, and I appreciate it for instead giving a more subtle full of lashes look.  It certainly adds length and definition, and is one of the best mascaras I’ve seen do so.  I’ve actually worn it by itself and of course as a base for another (which I don’t really have to with this one, but it’s a bit of a habit at this point).  While this item was purchased on a neutral front since the original was met with some disappointment, another bonus for Endless is that I’ve continued liking it since I bought.  In the past, I’ve had mascaras in which I loved at first and down the line realized they weren’t that great, for example M.A.C.’s Extreme Dimension (use with another for the results you really want.  This one was all show).  Endless may honestly be the first mascara that gave me “the natural” lash look that’s been promised since wearing makeup.  Endless has just the right amount of darkening for the lashes, length to make a difference, and space between lashes to offer a full but not heavy look.

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