Kesh Brings Her American Apparel Collection with an NYC Launch

Kesh x AA adFor loyal fans of the visual artist Kesh, they’ve been following her monochromatic black and white world since as they affectionately called, “her MySpace days”.  With ties to the U.K. and Los Angeles, for much for her notoriety, she’s been one of the Internet’s best kept secrets.  As a few weeks earlier her first ever clothing line, released as a capsule collection through American Apparel, had been met with impressive fanfare, from old loyals alike to new ones curiosity to who Kesh, especially since her name sounds so similar to the pop star, Ke$ha.

The first launch was held in L.A., as the collection was exclusively previewed there as well.  Celebs like Wiz Khalifa have shown the line lots of Instagram love, the popular Japanese girl group 2NE1 wore the line as ensembles on stage, and has proven to be a hit on the West Coast.  NYC fans were hungry for Kesh to hold a party in the Big Apple as well, and a week after the pieces were sold in spots like American Apparel flagships in SoHo ans NoHo, finally, a fete was held at the Lower East Side location.  As promised Kesh was present, dancing happily away by the DJ, and the store was flocked with fans of her work, New Yorkers looking to be in the scene, and as always, a few interested voyeurs to what all the fuss was about.  One passer-by called it, “the hipster event of the night”.

Kesh was friendly and interacted with those wanting to talk to her, and she willingly took pictures.  As far as sighting, founder of American Apparel Dov Charney was there, and artist Natalia Kills, looking like she just stepped out of a Lovecat or i-D editorial.

Hopefully, for those you not in the state of California or New York can get your hands on some Kesh x American Apparel, but if you’re still finding the items hard to purchase in person, you can order them online though the official AA site, or even on eBay where the company has a n official page (and quite possibly Amazon).

For an event that has honestly hipster inclined (that word almost seems archaic now. Such a lifestyle is just such embedded in today’s counter-culture), it was inclusive and had a light-hearted feeling about it.  While many certainly attended with intentions of being noticed, it didn’t make for a snobby evening of last-minute fashion and social media mixing.

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)

Click on the first picture below to slide through the photo gallery, and a video from The TURN Mag (

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