Listen Up: Ciara’s 5 Best Released Singles

It might be heard to believe at first, but the Texas-born, Atlanta raised entertainer Ciara has been making music in the public eye since 2002. We first noticed her on the seductively tinged “Goodies”, and with those slinky, acrobatic-inspired dance moves, already she was heralded as the successor to Aaliyah and Janet Jackson.

With her newly released (and best album to date) Ciara out this week, let’s look back at the la creme de la creme of her released singles.  Many of them made us pop, lock, and drop it, and a few of her mid-tempo tracks were certainly present for those necessary cool downs after said shakedown.  While critics will point out the ebbs of her musical career, she has given us some tunes that still sound hot today after their original outing.  With the success of “Body Party”, our favorite ATlien gal is as confident as ever, so let’s take a walk down Ciara lane and celebrity her Fantasy Ride.

P.S. Do you agree with the choices? What are your Ciara faves?

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)

5. “BODY PARTY” (2013)

PRODUCED by Mike Will Made It

“Body Party” was a surprise from the house of Ciara.  After buzz singles that ranged from a rock club hard jam to an misty ballad, on this single, CiCi had found her inner Jodeci and gave us a super sexy, very mature, and titillating tune.  The lyrics are a tad nursery rhyme-ish in the chorus, making it memorable, and it’s clear this song is meant to be the prelude to a hot night of passion.  This was a huge win for Ciara (and that sampling of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” was too apt for its tribute seventeen years later).

4. “1, 2 STEP” f. Missy Elliott (2004)

PRODUCED by Jazze Pha

Everyone was feeling “1,2 Step”.  What was not to like about it? She was new on the scene, and it had a great, cheerful vibe to it.  The dance moves were imitated, the lyrics too easy to not sing along to.  Then add a Missy Ellliott cameo verse, you’ve got a single that remains a #CiaraSquad fave. You know you went hard in your bedroom or living room watching this, nevermind the parties these song played at when you hit the dancefloor.

3. “GET UP” f. Chamillionaire (2006)

PRODUCED by Jazze Pha

The official theme song of the first film of the Step Up series, this right here was effortlessly flirtatious and catchy.  It captured the mood of the film perfectly, while giving us already bonafide Ciara vamp-tastic moves and making pop/R&B–with a Southern flair–a good-to for the summertime. A fantastic commercial single for the at-time star on the rise.  Try not to be in a good when listening to this.

2. “SORRY” (2012)

PRODUCED by Jasper Cameron

A beautiful ballad that for unknown reasons was not a bigger launching pad for Ciara (then called One Woman Army), though it earned praise from critics and her squad alike for its honest lyrics and airy production that highlighted the message of forgiveness intertwined with regret.  Under the wing of L.A. Reid, it was good to see CiCi give the ballad another try, as listeners really enjoyed her first released slow cut “And I” from her debut.  This song, co-written by Ciara, is a song for salvation if you’re going through a breakup or still trying to make it work.

1. “PROMISE” (2006)

PRODUCED by Polow Da Don

Following the success of “Get Up”, “Promise” was a glorious triumph for Ciara catalog and the state of R&B.  Totally refreshing from her dance-friendly songs from previous, that while we loved, this was a different route for the singer, as the production was anticipating and mellow, and the song structure was distinctive as well, asking for concentration than nonchalance from listeners if singing along.  This remains Ciara’s greatest single, and may be hard to top.  It sucks you in a world of desire and want, and Ciara hasn’t touched this space since…”Body Party”.

 Honorable Mention: “Goodies”, “Speechless”, “Never Ever”, “Like You” w/ Bow Wow, “Work”

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