The Sneaker Wedges You Can Still Get Away With

Today on the season premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, a fashion specialist declared wedge sneakers as “over”. Fair enough. Any female sneaker-head saw that coming as since the trend blew up so fast after Beyonce wore those Isabel Marants in her “Love on Top” video, the mass produced imitations got cheaper and cheaper. The wedge heels weren’t even cleverly hidden, and some of those no-name brands looking to make quick money went completely overboard with the studs. To chagrin of many, the sneaker wedge became the latest item in fashion to experience overkill.

But wait! While the wedge sneaker is over as far as being the It shoe, it’s likely here to stay for a little bit longer, and there’s still a market for this particular style. To its credit, many brands have also gotten a lot better at making them than when they first were popularized. One of the first to create their own version was the British-based label Topshop. Their “Athletic” wedge was so narrow in its cut, you might as well have been wearing stilettos. Ouch City! Thankfully, the wedges out now have become a lot more comfortable to wear past 30 minutes.

If you’re concerned about looking like last season, or two seasons, wear wedges from classic athletic brands. From Giuseppe, Chloe, or Choo, their sneaker wedges are designed so clean, the rugged meets regal juxtaposition gets a tad lost. From the other brands though, the whole idea of the sneaker wedge is just right. The athleticism meets fashion can spruce up any pair of jeans or skinny slacks, while still cajoling the tomboy tendencies for any girl.

If you’re interested in what you see in the slideshow below, be sure to look out for sales. You can easily get some of his pairs for a fraction at the price or at least 25% at Foot Locker, Urban Outfitters, certain shoe outlets and department stores like Macy’s.

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