2 Broke Girls: Recap of “And The Soft Opening” (Season 3, Episode 1)

2 Broke Girls has always been the more fun version of GIRLS to get straight to the point. It certainly doesn’t take the quarter-life crisis to histrionic levels that Lena Dunham’s show at times welters in too easily, and actually gives hopes to all the twenty-somethings and their dead-end jobs that just because you haven’t secured that traditional 9-5 doesn’t mean your life has to wait to start ’til then.

If you’ve been following the series, and even not, season 3 premiered with “And The Soft Opening”, featuring the girls Caroline and Max long-awaited dream of a cupcake shop. The show opened with what may be one of the most memorable monologues in a sitcom in a very long time, as an benign customer to the diner they work at asked Max “So what’s new?” This innucuous question provoked Max to go on a pop-culture and shady news reporting tirade that impressively had her listing every event since season 2 ended, ranging from “Kim and Kanye had another baby, so that’s one more Kardashian to not keep up with…Florida doesn’t like blacks…” The customer then clarifies he was referring to the menu, in which Max answered with a shrug of a response.

2 Broke Girls has always been a sitcom that rebuffs the notion that third wave feminist values and the toilet humor of your average college frat jerk cannot amalgamate, if that was ever a goal in the first place. The writing is hilarious and curt, with often times leaving you to wonder, did they really just say that? The flirtation with controversial matters and language is balanced by the charming sugar and spice duo of Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline). From the diner workers to the always welcoming cameo of Jennifer Coolidge, the episode showcased the high possibility of grand opening shenanigans as a iconic British rocker died as their first customer and they already begin to deal with the absurdities of trying to run a business, even in a neighborhood as specific as Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Some other highlights were from the supporting cast of the diner featuring Matthew Moy, the clueless yet secretly sweet Korean-American diner owner (who was especially fantastic with his timing), and the sleazy in the kitchen cook Oleg played by Jonathan Kite. Last night, the teaming of Moy and Kite as the half-wit male equivalent to Max and Caroline was great for the show’s overall light-hearted take of the blue-collar work environment.

Since their shop has finally come to life, there’s likely to be a lot of focus on it for season 3, providing a lot of dark humor in being a young entrepreneur in a city as fickle and unappreciative as New York.

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