What the Government Shutdown Means for the Rest of Us

You’ve heard and read all the drama about the threat of a government shutdown (which sounds awfully intense), and today was the start of a partial shutdown because Congress claims it cannot come to a foreseeable agreement on a slew of issues, amongst them as the unofficial scapegoat, the goal for affordable healthcare through “Obamacare”.

While the big wigs likely just wanted to hurt Obama’s plan of more accessible care for those that are under an income limit, and his staff and leadership, their decision to shutdown government funded parks, museums, and businesses was a hurtful aftermath for the citizens of America. With our fate so often is in their hands, and by shutting down these icons of American culture and history, means no work for the employees of these institutions. While a day off from work is almost always welcomed, this staycation came courtesy of largely GOP, their refusal to get along with the Democrats once again leaves the U.S. in potential shambles and the everyday people having to rebuild thanks to their solipsism.

Many news publications quickly informed the public exactly which places would be affected by the partial lockdown, which includes Yosemite National Park as it celebrates its 123rd birthday today on October 1, and the entire Smithsonian arena (dismaying many as that means no Panda Camp or zoo). This is a disruption for those on vacation and planned school trips, and if the shutdown becomes full from partial, it will include landmarks like the Statue of Liberty in New York. These businesses depend on tourists, students and teachers alike, and the shutdown will not be beneficial in the long run. As reported by CNN, there have been 17 shutdowns in the U.S. since 1977, with the most recent being in 1995. for three weeks.

The collective sentiment from the public is that’s is let’s get issues remotely resolved sooner than later for the sake of this nation’s citizens that deserve not just their paychecks but better because with these shutdowns they are furloughed (meaning no pay). It is not a guarantee they will be re-compensated (though hopefully they will receive at best a partial amount).

The U.S. could lose billions for lose of growth in the economy, and it still doesn’t necessarily affect the moving forward of Obamacare’s plans, and we all know all hasty decisions affected us all post 2003.

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