8 Tricks for Perfect, Smudge-Free Makeup

Beauty High

smudge proof eye makeup

As much as the lived-in makeup look is on trend, smudged eyeliner and mascara can walk the line between sultry and sloppy. There’s nothing worse than trying to get your makeup to stay in place all day, then realizing that your favorite products are running down your face. So, to help you make your makeup stay put all day long, here are eight tips for perfect, smudge-free makeup.

1. Moisturize: Of course moisturized skin is better than dry for applying makeup, but be sure you’re applying oil-free moisturizer. If you immediately apply foundation after a very emollient face cream, the mixing of the two will leave you looking and feeling a bit slick, which isn’t ideal for makeup that stays put. To keep makeup in its place, use a cream or lotion without oil.

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2. Prime, prime, prime: We can’t stress enough how…

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