Beauty Haul: Fashion Fair’s “Chocolate Chip” Beauty Blush

You thought finding the perfect, or at least accessible, foundation was hard to find, blush is another contender for products we love to hate when it comes to finding our shade. Blush is already one of the most intimidating steps in achieving the perfect, blended face and now on the market there tons of colors to choose from than just classic red and pink. Today there’s orange (NARS “Exhibit A”), to royal violets, and pale, shimmery peaches.

As beauty blogging and vlogging has gotten bigger (with some of these YouTube phenoms becoming actual millionaires in the process), makeup tricks like contouring are now mainstream aspirations for even the just self-discovered makeup maven. One of the tricks to contouring with blush is to use a shade on your cheekbone distinctly darker than you skintone but still complimentary of your coloring. Recently, I discovered Fashion Fair‘s “Chocolate Chip” Beauty Blush and it is a beauty godsend. Fashion Fair is geared towards women of color, so it’s a brand that I should’ve already be paying loads of attention to. But I oddly find it at more makeup counters in Boston than I do in New York City. (I know now that the brand is exclusively sold at select Macy’s and Lord and Taylor’s).

My friend and I tested it out on our hands. She was originally on the search for any awesome makeup product that night in our city’s only Lord & Taylor’s by Copley Square. Together, we instantly feel in love with the rust red meets mocha brown shade. I swatched it on my hand and because it was cold outside, my face needed a little pick-me-up. I took an unsuspected cotton ball from the bin on the counter top and placed “Chocolate Chip” right on my cheekbone and OMG, it did everything a blush is supposed to do for your face. Cheekbones popped, and the color livened up whole face.

Needless to say, two “Chocolate Chip” blushes were purchased in minutes, and just may be a staple in the months to come. The texture is smooth and the color payoff is great on instant. Fashion Fair is also sold at the department store Dillard’s nationaide. The Beauty Blush retails for $17.

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