Lady Gaga Remixes “Do Want You Want” with Christina Aguilera [AUDIO]

So as it remains up in the air on whether the video for Lady Gaga’s single “Do Want You Want” featuring R. Kelly will come out, lately she’s been singing a different tune of the song with Christina Aguilera. The recording of the remix comes after the two performed Gaga’s song together on The Voice. While it was great seeing them together after reports of faux feuding, live, the song clearly needed some work. They were both ad-libbing a tad too much, and their powerful vocals at times clashed. The actual re-recording is better, but I still wish that the lyrics R. Kelly sang were kept for Aguilera, as if she was singing to her lover, and then both her and Gaga joined forces in their cabal of female empowerment, diva style.

Listen to the duet below:

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