The Ghetto Fab Parody of Mean Girls You’ve Got to See

Since Tina Fey’s Mean Girls was released in 2004, ten years later (doesn’t it feel it just come out yesterday?) its cult fan-base continue to quote and re-enact so many of its now classic lines and scenes. Thanks to the comment section of Jezebel, one reader posted a video of a parody of the film, gathering such moments in under 5 minutes and in the setting of a hood-fastic vibe. While this could have been offensive if handled by other hands, through Todrick Hall’s lenses, it’s also an in-your-face extravaganza of how the blaxploitation movement has received the comeback treatment in the media.

If you’ve viewed Mean Girls and obtain an open mind, press play and you’ll hopefully you’ll laugh a bit while watching this. I picture Bravo’s Andy Cohen really loving this…

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