Beauty Haul Diaries: CoverGirl’s Mascaras Are Winning

CoverGirl’s Lash Blast was the first product from this mega brand that I, without a doubt, really, really, liked (followed by their Lip Perfection in “Tempt”). Lash Blast became a beauty new classics weeks after its release and eventual sales of one million.

In the past, I found CG’s mascaras just not even worthy of a brush swift, but I could’ve been bias considering I’m very showy with my eyelashes, but their past tubes never seemed to catch on, even for “natural” makeup/”natural” look purposes. After Lash Blast, it seemed CG was on a roll in wanting to re-invent itself in this specific rubic. Before their Clump Crusher and most recent addition (the) Bombshell, I tried Flamed Out which I surprisingly gained a liking towards. Though I find its small shape and even shorter brush bewildering, it does do a great job of giving you noticeable volume that feels flirtatious.

With the Clump Crusher, I heard great things about it, and every time I saw it, all I can think of was Pink in that commercial and how she hissed “clump crusherrrrr” with a growl. But first, I tested the new Bombshell double-ended mascara, promoted by Sofia Vergara.

Double-ended, or two-in-one mascaras are usually winning products. The only M.A.C mascara worth your $20 is their Haute and Naughty tube, and Rimmel’s similar Glam’Eyes Day 2 Night is a great drugstore alternative. For Bombshell, I did gravitate towards with fuschia, sleek packaging and I had high hopes for it.

And yes, the Bombshell mascara offers full lashes with length and volume that definitely has an effect that feels feminine, like Vergara’s ad. The first brush “1” is a comb, and “2” helps to set it. I haven’t had any issues at all with flaking or feeling that my look has worn off in the middle of the day. I think I loved this even more than Flamed Out, though they are both good choices. I initially gained interest after watching a YouTube video review and in this beauty blogger’s close-up, which was astutely sharp, the difference in her lashes post-Bombshell was clear. With her eye left bare, wand I was impressed enough to want to try it myself.

Now, Clump Crusher almost disappointed me, but didn’t. When I first swiped it on, I felt like I was gaining a “natural”, subtle look which I secretly don’t aspire for with mascara. Yet, I added a few more layers and I could see that the Crusher was really separating my lashes nicely and giving me curled volume. CG had kept its promise of eyes wide open and I still had Pink hissing in my ear.

The other day, just because, I even used the Clump Crusher over and Bombshell together for layering and they worked together nicely.

After years of straying far away from CoverGirl mascara, they’re finally giving their equally as known drugstore brands a run for their lash money. I will definitely purchase the Clump Crusher and Bombshell again, and I’ve so happy with the results thus far.

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