Dermablend Foundation Ads Challenge the Beauty Status Quo

The new Dermablend ads, featuring their foundation and concealer products, are true banners of beauty from within. While everyday when we step out into the world, we want to look our best, for some of us more than others, the struggle to keep up appearances is literally skin deep.

The makeup brand has currently released two separate commercials starring one woman each with skin conditions of their own for their Camo Confessions series. Cheri has vitiligo, while Cassandra has adult acne. Both use Dermablend to even out with skin, and while the products do an amazing job, the commercials actually show them removing the makeup and revealing how they really look and the stories behind their usage.

Having skin issues is something, like with most cases in life, one will never really understand until it happens to them, and Cheri and Cassandra are examples of how their circumstances have not set them back. Yes, they use makeup to look more “presentable”, but what the ads are really expressing is that they no longer feel guilty about it, because as Cheri stated, “Nobody’s 100% perfect”.

Let’s try to remember that more often.

Cheri’s Confession

Cassandra’s Confession

 And to add to the conversation, here’s a piece about Have We Really Learned From Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts

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