Photos from New York City’s Gay Pride 2014 #pride2014

When I joined my friend through her friend on the float for 2014’s Miss Hell Kitchen, I had alwas observed Gay Pride, whether in New York or in Boston, from the sidelines and attended so through the sweet coercion of my friends. To actually be a part of te festivities this year was really wonderful and the genuine happiness that was expressed from those a part of the parade to the people that came outside to celebrate, no matter their sexual orientation, was truly amazing to witness. It seemed like everyone had let go of what was hurting them, what was bothering them, and remembered their self-worth and that if all else fails, self-love is a life essential to get through the days ahead. I saw people of all racial backgrounds, as well as senior citizens, children, babies, young people and curious voyeurs. The music was booming and the sun was shining!

I’m really glad I participated this year, and below are photos I captured while I was there.

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