Inside My Vintage Caboodles Makeup Case [PICTURE]


WP_20140719_03120140720005401I retrieved this ol’ Caboodles makeup case when I went back home to visit my family. Before, I was toying with the idea of trying to find a vintage one online when my sister reminded me that our momma had one that I could take! I was ecstatic, since this would also mean I’d be saving some money. So I was able to bring it back with me and it’s been super handy in separating my products.

It was just as fun to use as I remember, and soon I chose to place all of my favorites in it.

On the left side are the lipsticks and lip glosses, the most expensive being two of my lipsticks, a Lip Bar in Purple Rain and Lime Crime in Centrifuchsia. The two inexpensive ones were Wet ‘n Wild Silk Lipsticks in Mink Brown and Hot Red. On the right side are mostly small tools like sharpeners, a Maybelline eyelash curler (which is okay…not the best), three jars of glitter (the brand name has since rubbed off), a clipper, and bobby pins. I also got a rosebud salve and old MAC concealer.

In the middle is full of face and eye products. In there includes a MAC Studio Fix Foundation; Black Radiance primer; old Hard Candy eyeshadows when the brand used to be sold at Sephora; four Maybelline mascaras; Fergie for Wet ‘n Wild palette; two LA Girl PRO Concealers; a Korean mascara; two emerald green eye pencils from Rimmel and Mally; a solo Urban Decay eshadow, two Pop Beauty Cat Liners; Fashion Fair face powder in Koko; and some more stuff scrambled in there.

It’s still very sturdy, especially the handle if you are carrying it around, and really does fit a lot of products in there. ┬áHaving it around only feeds my lingering taste for ’90s nostalgia.

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