My First BuzzFeed Community Post About the ’90s Game “Rockett’s New School” !

Screenshot 2014-07-20 at 2.08.08 PMHelloooooooooo!!

Recently yours truly posted her first BuzzFeed Community post about the ’90s CD-ROM game “Rockett’s New School”. “Rockett’s New School” was released in 1997, and was developed by the company Purple Moon. Purple Moon geared their products towards young girls interested in video games, but with a more real-life basis. It was quite popular, and they even went on to create more editions of Rockett’s eighth grade life at Whistling Pines Junior High. In re-discovering this game that I actually used to play and adored, I noticed quite a few similarities to the 2004 film Mean Girls. I proceeded to do a fun, quick compare and contrast on BuzzFeed’s Community platform. The Community sector allows readers to make an account and compile lists and articles of their own and in the same form as the official BuzzFeed website.

It was a lot of fun and at times took a little bit of work (thanks a lot pixel instructions!), but the end results look really cool! You may or may not remember the game, but I’m sure you’ve seen Mean Girls more than enough times! Check it out and see how they are alike.

The link is below!

How Rockett’s New School was the Mean Girls of ’90s Games


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