5 Favorite Videos from Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers on YouTube

Sometimes on a lazy afternoon or a chill night, I peruse and browse YouTube for beauty tutorials and reviews. There are so many to choose from, before you know it, in one sitting you’ve watched six to eight videos on everything ranging from how to properly outline for a red lip, to perfecting the cat-eye, to a review video of whether or not Rimmel’s new mascara or Lime Crime’s hard to find Velvetines are a hit or miss. It’s also fun to see how far some beauty vloggers have come as some ladies have amassed upwards of half a million to a straight million subscribers. You got to be a real makeup, skincare, and hair aficionado in order to have these types of video really translate to an audience. I’ve always appreciated the tutorials that while the person handing out the advice doesn’t look like me, the tips are universally palatable. And then again, when I am able to find a vlogger with a skin tone akin to me or in sharing likewise concerns, I like knowing we have a virtual camaraderie.

I subscribe to about ten beauty vloggers all together, and listed below are five of some of my favorite tutorials and clips. Even after I’ve watched them fully the first time, I sometimes refer back to them because I still wish of re-creating the look or they are just for reference purposes.

1. “Robot Chic” by Michelle Phan

At this point, Phan is a love to hate type of YouTube figure. With over 6 million subscribers and a bonafide self-made millionaire, Phan has uploaded tons of how-to’s sometimes based on popular culture and advertisements (“How to Look like Cara Delevigne”) and out of personal interest. She’s even ventured into making short films and lifestyle tip videos. The more over the tops looks are occasionally her most fun to emulate, and I purposely one time searched her channel in the quest for “party makeup”. In that search, I found three of her vids that I really enjoyed: “Color Explosion”, “Robot Chic”, and “Out All Night”. I really liked the final result of her “Robot Chic” look that incorporated a lot jewel-toned blues and purples.

2. “My Updated Foundation, Contouring, and Highlighting Routine” by beautybyjj

JJ is from the U.K., but she’s gained a considerable following in the U.S., especially from young black women who’ve discovered her on YouTube. A popular vlogger, her foundation routine is one of the best online, regardless of skintone. In the video, you see how she transforms her face in seamlessly adding on product and blending them together into a flawless finish that also looks natural and great. Another cool note was that JJ shares a bare face nary of makeup prior to the tutorial adding an element of bravery and nixing the notion that because one loves makeup doesn’t seem she’s insecure.

3. “How to Apply False Lashes: Strips and Individuals” by Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is a very sassy makeup lover with an enviable makeup room and collection. She’s like your girly best friend that will magically save the day after you’ve somehow smudged your eye makeup and didn’t mean to. And she’s a bit of a product hoarder, but that makes her even more relatable as that is likely the case if you adore cosmetics. Her recent utorial on how to apply false lashes I found to be really clear in its instructions.

4. “Simple Smokey Brown Eye” by BeatFaceHoney

From the M.A.C. counters, to self-teaching herself, to her dedicated fans helping her earn gigs in doing the makeup for (her idol) Brandy, and eventually Nicki Minaj and SWV, BeatFaceHoney, real name Tatiana Ward, is a YouTube success story. While her uploads have been less since offering beauty classes with Renny Vasquez across the U.S. and her schedule now packed with celebrity clients, a lot of her older videos are still really helpful. The first video I appreciated from her was a tutorial on how to make use of the Black Opal Stick Foundation (which I actually had and was having trouble using), and another I think many would like is her take on the smoky eye, but in brown and beige hues. She also has the Easy Everyday Smoky Eye too.

5. “Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation Review”  by itsjudytime

Judy is a super sweet vlogger that also recently gained a million subscribers. She doesn’t do as many tutorials as she does makeup reviews, which are very useful and honest. She currently has a mini line with the brand BH Cosmetics, and even has a separate YouTube channel about her everyday life (she’s married with kids!) The video I chose is her review of Marc Jacobs’ foundation and I chose it to show how amiable her commentary is and why she’s one of my fave vloggers when it comes to reviewing the bevy of products out there. She never kisses up to brands but she’s also fair in trying to at least find what was good about an item even if it ends up disappointing her.

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