The Definitive Top 10 Tinashe Songs List

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A self-taught wunderkind of music production and sassy lyrical content, Tinashe, in the happy confines of her California bedroom, created three mix tapes that touched on her many facets, all of which were expressed before she turned 21 years of age.

Post her involvement in the girl group The Stunners, and following her solo efforts, her first major label album arrives in September, titled Aquarius. As her mainstream single, the trap-pop of “2 On” continues to solely introduce her more intrigued young contemporary R&B fans, her previous catalog of songs and even videos are just as worthy of your eyes and definitely ears. While her tender age may derail older listeners at first, her work impressively oscillates between feelings of lust and independence.

The Definitive Top 10 Tinashe Songs List are below.

1. “Ecstasy” from Reverie

“You’re the only one I believe in”.

Amazingly sultry, it’s almost startling how comfortable Tinashe unleashes her mutual desire and loyalty to her paramour and she does so in what’s her slinkiest track. Once you know lyrics, it’s second nature to sing-along.

2. “This Feeling” from In Case We Die

“You better not let me go”

The subtly persuasive flamenco/”Step in the Name of Love”-lite beats of this track is a delightfully youthful take on the more “traditional” presentation of ballroom culture, via uptown debutantes and the elite. This song will remind 20-somethings of prom-or at least the ideas of it–and late teens will like it to relax to.

3. “Stargazing” from Reverie

“You never met a drug that could get you this high”.

A unrequited love track, the concept of wishing on a star is audibly imagined, as our sassy protagonist hopes and insists that once her chosen comes to their senses, it’ll be a love story for the books, with a side of obsession.

4. “Black Water” from Black Water

“Take caution. Don’t be fooled. Storm’s coming. Coming soon”.

Seemingly inspired by the black church choir, it’s engagingly soulful and all-knowing lyrically. Think of this as Sharon Jones (of the Dap-Kings) with te backdrop of more fluid musings than Jones’ austere blues and guitar.

5. “Midnight Sun” from Black Water

“Darling. Show me what that heart do”.

This stunning track is one of the few that really showcases Tinashe’s vocals. It gets beautifully lost in its own acoustic (especially heard in the verses and bridge) as she sings of loyalty and compassion. Whoever they are, this is her promise and it’s both convincing and seducing.

6. “Another Me” from Reverie

“Don’t get me wrong, babe, I don’t want you back”.

A kiss-off/break-up ode to the realization from both parties that even once the relationship has long ended, for better or worse, every liasion has its unique experiences and memories. For every awful part, there are some good that is a reminder of that time it was almost worth it. Almost. But sometimes everything is only appreciated from a distance.

7. “My High” from In Case We Die

“I told ya that I don’t wanna make a scene”.

One of her more intricate creations, “My High” ranges from sexual innuendo to explored power trips and drug paraphernalia. It’s sonically mesmerizing and a perfect example of her wiser than her age suggests knowledge of music and notes production. It’s kind of early ’90s–in a good way.

8. “Vulnerable” from Black Water

“Don’t stop looking at me”.

This is Tinashe’s second most slinkiest track, as she invites us down a lane of sensuous brooding and fearlessness. Insisting once captured into this whirl of her rules that all undivided attention is giving to her, the title is perfect as despite her confidence, it’d be all the more heightened if her “captured” lover obliges.

9. “Fugitive” from Black Water

“Just a matter of time before you turn it on me”.

A somber, challenging mix of asking for forgiveness and self-awareness, it’s the most thematically dramatic for Tinashe. She seems to interject playing both the victim and the problem in this short tale of things having gone that awkward uphill of bad to despairing.

10. “Chainless” from In Case We Die

“If we die tonight, at least we went hard”.

The original “We Won’t Stop”, “Chainless” celebrates being young and reckless to the fullest. It works however because of its underlying addition of hope and confidence.

HONORABLE MENTION: “Crossing the Cosmo” from In Case We Die; “Yours” from Reverie; and “Stunt” from Black Water

August of last year, uploaded to her personal YouTube channel, Tinashe shared how she made all these songs in her room. Watch the video below.

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