7 Beauty Brands to Follow on Instagram

photo by karlapowell.co.uk

The more popular in usage it got, companies jumped on the Instagram bandwagon as a way to maintain their loyal consumers and lure in new ones. It’s a smart way to connect than just pressuring viewers to the official website, some brands are more fun to troll than others yet most fashion and cosmetic houses use social media as protocol marketing, so their pages and loaded pics are minimal glimpses into the hard work and underbelly of fun in working with such coveted labels or positions. The exceptions are brands that showcase personality, appreciation, flash sale announcements, fun imagery, interpersonal details and tips as their Instagrams become mini websites. Your timeline is likely already filled with updates from your favorite celebrities, guilty pleasures, and significant individuals, but if you are a aficionado of makeup, here are eight (7) beauty brands worthy of a “Follow” press.

1. LA Girl (@lagirlcosmetics)

LA Girl has been on the come-up since the rising popularity of some of their products such as the PRO Concealer and Glazed Lip Paints (very recommended items by the way). At ridicuoslouly low prices and containing the kind of quality that sometimes rival the most esteemed luxury brands in the business, their page promotes through re-postings of customers and bloggers wearing the products and real shots of the hues and textures. Their users love a smoky eye or elaborate eye makeup and luscious lips, and is definitely for the city girly-girl that as far as her morning routine goes, her favorite part is applying her war paint.

2. Floss Gloss (@flossgloss)

Floss Gloss is an indie nail polish line that like Hard Candy back in the ’90s, founded by Dineh Mohajer, came about because founders Aretha and Janine could never seem to find the exact shade of peach or green that they wanted. Ardently sassy and direct, Floss Gloss’ page is a collage of the aforementioned decade’s around the way girls and riot grrrls. They are about that hood rich, “ghetto fab” lifestyle. Though in business for some time, they’ve been actively pushing their brand more than ever with pop-up shops and requests from their consumers on where they should sell their line. Their page also offers tons of over the top and cute nail art ideas, they are pro-Acrylic/tips, and warning, a lot of is highly flashy and colorful!

photo courtesy of Floss Gloss' Instagram
photo courtesy of Floss Gloss’ Instagram

3. Rimmel London (@rimmellondonus)

Rimmel’s US page offers some sufficient makeup tips with fun illustrations and cute words of cosmetic and confidence wisdom. As the U.K. alternative to the top American drugstore makeup brands, Rimmel’s products are occasionally underrated and while their foundation line definitely needs more shades of brown (Solange Knowles was a spokesmodel though!), they are a fun brand to follow with a ’60s mod influence. Their IG also has some of the best makeup collection displays from a big label.

4. NARS (@narsissist)

What makeup lover doesn’t love NARS, and with their very own IG page straight with behind the scene peeks from the official New York City headquarters, this classy brand finds its more spunky side against its famously roguish demeanor. Though still decidedly glamorous, they are lots of product highlights, and you should follow this favorite of beauty as a little reminder that’s certainly okay to keep it glam sometimes.

5. Lime Crime (@limecrimemakeup)

Doe Deere created Lime Crime when she was in search of colors that hinted at a more capricious and free-loving nature. In time, Deere developed a cult fanbase for her vegan lipsticks, and her line has expanded to include liquid liners, glitter pots, and the coveted lip stain Velvetine. Visiting her page will spark your inner Rainbow Brite and maybe even cncourage you to step outside the norm of makeup and wear an orange or lilac lip or electric blue cat-eye.

photo by Lime Crime's Instagram
photo by Lime Crime’s Instagram

6. Maybelline (@maybelline)

It doesn’t more cherubic for makeup on Instagram than Maybelline’s account. Sunny displays of their popular mascaras and newest must-haves will have you cheerfully observing. You’ll also see cute snapshots of its beloved New York City, flowers, and treats, outfit suggestions and makeup match-ups, and jam-packed pictures of products just laying about to make a makeup aficionado’s mouth watering. This cosmetics IG is more like an aspiration to a particular lifestyle.

7. Black Opal (@blackopalbeauty)

A hallmark of the cosmetics division centered on providing reliable products for women of color, Black Opal’s account is full of inspirational quotes and pictures outside of just makeup. It’s a fun collage board of beauty, faith, popular culture and courage. There are also some gorgeous shots of the under-appreciated but cult fave spectrum of the black models.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: IT Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris USA, Blinc, Make Up For Ever

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