Try These Mascaras If You’re Willing to Spend Over $14

Truthfully, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on mascara to get great lashes. A number of drugstores will do the trick and their most famous brands have greatly improved their formulas and wands. Even beauty supply store brands have gotten better. Yet, any makeup junkie knows that even if you’re quite adamant about not spending a lot on products, there is something thrilling about buying a luxury or department store beauty item, and mascara is no exception. Some of the industry’s most revered mascaras come from the counter shop girls, and today we have even more options from Ulta, Sephora, and other independent health and beauty stores. It hurts to fork over $16, $18, sometimes damn near $30 on a single item, but if you’re willing to roll with the big girl wallets, some mascaras definitely distinguish their worth.

It’s bad enough that packaging alone makes you reconsider a turn on the exorbitant side, but yes, some of those overpriced wands you really should give a try. Now, not all over $14 mascaras are swipe-tastic and live up to the hype. Some are very blah, not worth the money at all, or the so-called dupes at the drugstore are so much better. The following list features 12 mascaras that may give you a cold sweat when you see the price, but like shoes, you only live once. Try and get the mascara (and a lash primer).

*The first photo may be hard to read. It’s Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill mascara at $32!

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