5 Discontinued Makeup Products I Miss

Aside from the makeup flub of a cat-eye, or after applying lipstick straight from the tube and discovering the color looks nothing like the sticker on the package, discontinued makeup products are another beauty fanatic’s list of pet peeves because it’s always the ones you loved, trusted, and bought most.

Usually, the reasons behind terminating a product is because of sales or a company’s re-branding or new direction in marketing. But still, seeing those Clearance tags or sudden disappearance of that one secret weapon to glam city really puts a damper on your routine. During my Goldilocks search for the products I personally missed, thankfully most of what I like is still around, I do remember a few fondly. The following list goes as…

Too Faced Lava Gloss Eyeliner

Truthfully, this may had been the runniest eyeliner ever, but it was also the blackest liner and the texture was impeccably smooth. However…man, this did this smudge without even trying (and in no time!) It probably would’ve been best to trace the Lava Gloss with a semi-matte black eye shadow, yet its disobedience to stay put made it so rock ‘n roll. It was also just as pretty in a navy blue or melting chocolate brown.

Rimmel London Xtreme Volume

Oh. My. Gawd. I still don’t understand why Rimmel got rid of this one (at least in America), it remains one of their best mascaras. The Xtreme formula features an inky black and the wand was the perfect mascara comb. I bought this regularly and possibly enough at one point because by the time I realized it was time to revisit, Xtreme was nowhere to be found. Rimmel still makes great mascaras, but this was one it.

Hard Candy Signature Fragrance and Super Shine Lip Gloss

One of the most convincing perfumes when it came to mimicking the sweet smell of sugar, Hard Candy’s first and only foray into fragrance has been long gone. As a part of the brand’s last years of being sold in Sephora and the first to endorse the eyeshadow palette cult, when they released their perfume, HC was looking to expand as the just as flamboyant but girlier version of M.A.C.

There was also their Super Shine Lip Gloss that smelled just like cake batter. Though it was tad sticky on application, there were 21 neutral/nude based hues, the color payoff was understated sexiness.

Urban Decay Lip Gunk

Lip Gunk doesn’t exactly sound cute, but Urban Decay’s first version of lip gloss were pretty good. The colors were saturated and the quality was thick enough, like the oxblood of Gash (which was actually mentioned in first Gossip Girl book, and was used by the character Serena). My personal favorite was Big Bang, a hot pink distinctly packed with glitter. It sounds over the top, but it was in reality very flattering and fun. It even smelled like cinnamon. I must’ve been somewhat aware that the Lip Gunk was heading towards discontinued land because I purposely  bought one for collection sake and have barely used it since.

Stila Eye Gloss

Okay, so this was another glossy product that wasn’t without problems, but seemingly customers loved it! The Stila Eye Gloss was the packaged cut to the ’90s runway makeup tactic of putting vaseline atop of eyeshadow or a bare lid for an oddly, futuristic, come hither look (this was seen on the 1995 Gucci runway). The Eye Gloss would crease a lot and it was noticeable, so when wearing it, you had to remember to smush that half moon away. It came in an array of shimmery colors and was good to use for other adventurous makeup looks. I think if it was a tad less oil-based, it could’ve lasted longer.

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