#fbf SNL’s 1992 Coffee Talk Skit with a Surprise Cameo from Barbra Streisand [VIDEO]

“It’s like buttah!”

So after having read a brief profile on the legendary Barbra Streisand’s new duet album Partners in USA Today, I’ve been going through a Babs thing! YouTube, Netflix, finding biographies online, I’ve always respected her career and status as a true entertainment icon, but now I’m really looking to learn more about this Brooklyn-born girl’s pieces of work. Prior to, the only thing film I’ve seen of hers (in its entirety) was 1968’s Funny Girl, and I’ve always liked her duet with Celine Dion called “Tell Him”. I’ve come across lots of references to The Way We Were as well, so that’s also on the Babs bucket list.

During my obsessive search, I remembered when Streisand surprised Mike Myers, along with special guests Madonna and Roseanne Barr, during his “Coffee Talk” skit on Saturday Night Love. For “Coffee Talk”, his character Linda Richman was based of his real-life mother-in-law, and “both” ladies had a dear fondness for Streisand. On the episode that aired on February 22, 1992 (which was also my 5th birthday) Streisand shocked the SNL audience and cast by briefly stopping by towards the end of the segment. Though the legend only appeared for mere seconds, it became of the SNL’s most memorable moments.

Flashback to 1992 below!

Coffee Talk – Barbra Streisand Stops By Saturday Night Live from Helena Moreno on Vimeo.

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