9 Fragrances I Don’t Mind Smelling Like + Beyonce’s “Me, Myself, and I” [LIVE VIDEO]

Fragrances are like guys to me. I don’t seem to gravitate or like a lot of them. I’m not purposedly picky, or feel as if nothing (or no one) is good enough to put a smile on my face, but I like knowing that the amorous feelings I may be experiencing are genuine. That’s a kind of deep for a piece that’s correlating my attraction to (in my case) boys and fragrances, but in drafting this, I realized, they are two of the same. I don’t want it on me unless it feels inexplicably right or compliments me, and in complimenting me doesn’t mean to be a carbon copy. Just something that understands me even if I don’t know why or how.

To bring this back on earth to perfumes, in the beauty section of my concerns, I’ve been liking the idea of having a pretty display of my favorite fragrances in my bathroom which I once tweeted I wanted to be a beauty haven. I’ve accomplished this infrequently whenever I cleaned the bathroom, and it could be the Pinterest re-pinner in me, but I do want to gather all my favorite perfumes at one point and have to them to select in a just girly-enough, beauty collage bathroom.

When it comes to perfumes, again, I don’t like a lot of them. I find so many of them drowning in heavy scents like florals which are then topped by “forest” and “wood”, way too much alcohol, and sometimes those addition of the spices is the equivalent of drinking ginger ale with the real, raw ginger: intense! From celebrity sponsorships, massive mall brands, and even fashion houses (so expensive! I like Tom Ford’s however), a lot of perfumes just contain that same generic, musk-y smell. I really, really love perfumes that smells light or like candy, a little sweet, and a tad spicy is good! I like cinnamon! Citrus is always great, can’t go wrong with that, and do like the occasional old-fashioned whiff like the baby-powder-y Chanel No.5. I do tend to like perfumes that smell just like real things too, which are bottled impeccably by the brand Demeter. Demeter Fragrance Library is a super fun line that from “Fresh Laundry”, “Beetroot”, to “Pistachio Ice Cream”, has so many in real life scents to choose from, the concoctions are impressive.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of creating my own perfumes because I’m particular about my notes, but below are 9 fragrances that I are pre-packaged and I really do like until I create my signature scent. I also recommended trying out perfumes from local sellers like at festivals or street markets or independent stores. They are often hard to find and super unique.

  1. Fresh Lemon (also great in Lemon Sugar, Sugar Lychee, and Brown Sugar)
  2. ckOne (also great in ckOne Summer)
  3. Donna Karen Cashmere Mist
  4. Lancome Hypnose (with notes of dark chocolate)
  5. TokyoMilk Dark Crushed
  6. The Body Shop Eau de Toilette
  7. Demeter Fragrance Library (here in Bubblegum)
  8. Thierry Mugler Angel
  9. Fantasy by Britney Spears (the only celebrity fragrance I like. It faintly smells like cupcakes)

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the Jam of the Day: Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself, and I” performed for AOL’s Live Sessions, This is such a good live version of the song from her debut LP.

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