Wait, What? Sephora Accused of Racially Profiling Asian Customers Online


sephora racism against asians

The beauty emporium Sephora (you know, that candy store for grown women) has been accused of racially profiling, or e-filingits Asian customers, and four Chinese women have collectively come forward with a lawsuit against the mega chain.

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It is believed that Sephora had locked accounts under Asian-sounding surnames to try and prevent the re-selling of coveted items (think Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette) for bulk sales. The major faux pas that Sephora did was instead of just blocking the accounts of specific, proven bulk sellers, they chose to group all Asian names by association. The ladiesthat have filed the lawsuit all respond by: Xiao Xiao, Jiali Chen, Man Xu and Tiantian Zou.

The profiling occurred in early November when a special 20% off voucher for its top-tier customers (that had spent over $1,000 in the past year) was delivered by email. When…

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