The Only Lipsticks I Trust

Obsessed with makeup-types will definitely rack up a lot products. I am no exception! There’s always something you want, something you’re saving for, and the ones you always go back to. You’ll have so much, it’s rare to actually finish or empty a product to the last swipe.

As a part of my morning routine of applying the warpaint, lipstick has been the last and most difficult to select. In perusing my collection that’s been arranged by color on a newly bought circular caddy, I realized that maybe it’s time to start sticking to ol’ faithfuls. From the many, many cosmetic binges that have occurred at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Sephora, and CVS, I now have only a selected few lipsticks I actually feel confident in wearing. Having a signature color is often praised by beauty writers as they tend to have one themselves (also think: Gwen Stefani=red lips), but I like switching it up and seeing what else looks good. I get bored easily with makeup which is probably why I’m constantly looking for something new. I’m the Rihanna of makeup, especially when I can actually afford to be. But nowadays, it’s looking very these colors only, or bust. It’s okay that “Brazen Berry” doesn’t compliment me as much as “Cherry Picking” does! Here’s to the shades that have never let me down even when I didn’t want to wear them (because also truthfully, I’m so over red, but it’s remarkably reliable).

The Only Lipsticks I Trust

1. Red Revival by Maybelline 2. On Fire Red by Maybelline 3. Viva Glam I by MAC

4. Fifth Avenue Red by Revlon 5. Ferguson Crest Cabernet by Fergie for Wet n Wild

6. Cherry Picking by Wet n Wild 7. Del Rio by MAC 8. 107 by Kate Moss for Rimmel

9. 01 by Kate Moss for Rimmel 10. Alabama by NYX 11. Fuchsianista by Fergie for

Wet n Wild 12. Uptown Mauve by Milani 13. Tempt by Cover Girl 14. Natasha by Stila

15. Everlasting Plum by L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge

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