Friday Night Revelations: the Gimlet, Pimm’s Cup, Beyonce’s Short Film; And #FBF Janice Dickinson Talks Modeling In 1981

For a colleague outing this past Tuesday, I knew I would have more interest in attending the open bar than I would in mingling. It was going to finally be an opportunity to try some new drinks without having to pay and end up hating them. I would feel really bad asking a bartender to make me another drink if I hated the taste, which happened when I ordered my first martini back in Quincy, MA. I remember it being some kind of Grape-Lemonade mix and the just the sip was so bitter, I was mortified that anyone was capable of finishing it and that $15 down on the dancefloor.

Naturally, I’m not a big drinker, but when I do partake in the bar, it’s always been the same crop of drinks: Gin and Tonic (that I almost can’t stand anymore), cranberry vodka (#SideEye), or a Blue Moon beer (love you, but I must move on). Like how I began to troll food blogs because I stand behind the idea that the culinary arts is an underrated art form (especially when you feel pressed to be Wolfgang Puck at those given moments you’re forced to cook your own meal and can’t for shit), I also began wandering over to the world of liquor and alcohol. There was even a 5-6 page article with fun diagrams and drawings in the Cosmopolitan issue (covered with Rita Ora) on how to step up your drinking game. So getting more mature about my swig habits was looking to be kismet.

I liked reading about the concoctions of particular drinks, the array of sub-categories, and even the DIY recipes of cocktails and grown up milkshakes. Moscato wine has become a new favorite of mine, and even beer I’ve begun to expand on, as I recently discovered that “pumpkin” beer is a real thing that doesn’t taste as ridiculous as it kind of sounds at all.

pimm's cupReferring back to that company holiday party, I was on a mission. I had even searched the first reliable page on drinks I could find through (I’m testing out this search engine against Google). I landed on one titled 21 Must Try Drinks. I just wanted some familiar names that I could tell the bartender. But without looking however, I knew I wanted to finally try a Pimm’s Cup. I had first heard of it from Yahoo’s Food blog (again pseudo-foodie trolling) and I remember it just looking so refreshing in its tall, skinny, frothy glass…sigh! It just seemed like something I would like. When the male bartender handed me my first Pimm’s, my buds were sold on the spot. It was cool, light, and it was like just step below water in being of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had. I was glad to not be disappointed since for whatever reason, I had grown attached to it before taste-testing.

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