According To The Web, Here Are The Beauty Trends Of 2014 That Have Got To Go! + The Most Effective Tips I Learned

The verdict? Say au revoir to extreme contouring, overdrawn eyebrows and lips, and ombre hair coloring!

I learned that the most effective way to create a cat-eye is to draw an isosceles triangle shape and fill or build on it from there. While I’m a little over the cat-eye style, it still seems incomplete or off to not flick off your eyeliner upwards when applying liner. That’s why I sometimes switch it up in doing a cat-eye with colored liner, to give the classic go-to something different.

I also found out, thanks to Tyra Banks, that by doing the itsy-bitsy spider dance with my fingers, I’ll find exactly where my cheekbones are, and can stop doing the fishy face expression that we’ve all been doing for years!

Those two tips were probably the most important to my routine. I still don’t really have a knack for contouring, and I depend on blush and the hitting the right spot with my brush to give me some definition. I believe some new goals for me in 2015, makeup-wise, is seeing how I can wear bright color eyeshadow (think: Urban Decay’s Vice or LA Girl’s Neons palette) and still have it look pretty or professional enough. I really like when I see others wearing a mean purple or green lid and it doesn’t look crazy or tacky at all. It would also be great to still learn how to apply false eyelashes, but like contouring, my patience only goes so far for some beauty tricks.

Here’s to what the online community had to say about the beauty trends that have got to go!

Jackie Aina, of MakeupGameOnPoint on YouTube, uploaded a hilarious take on the biggest trends that were secretly mistakes of 2014. I found out about this from my beauty enthusiast friend Sunlight Beauty, and I’ve seen that Huffington Post Style and Bustle also caught on to its snarky take on how so many aimed for makeup perfection.

Lipstick, of, compiled a list that includes “down to there” extensions and white eyeliner. 14 Beauty Trends of 2014 We Hope to Never See Again

From Philadelphia’s, Renee DeSantis of, spoke to local fashionistas on what they thought we should say goodbye to. Local trendsetters weigh in on the worst beauty trends of 2014

The Gloss just published theirs and they had some similar concerns about too long stiletto tipped nails and particular shades of lipstick. The 2014 Beauty Trends That We’re Ready To Say Goodbye To

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