Saturday Night Shenanigans: Sophie Grace’s Party Song “Best Friend” And Singer Zara Larsson Proves No Condom Is Ever Too Small

Earlier this week on Instagram, Swedish singer Zara Larsson at only 17-years-old is defaming tired comments like “condoms don’t fit me” that any heterosexual woman has rolled her eyes at. Larsson took a picture of her foot wearing a condom, and it almost reached her kneecap!

Such statements debunked! And while obviously physical tension and friction is what makes condoms more restrictive during sexual intercourse, there are plenty of condoms and brands out there to practice safe sex with. #letsdobetter

She quickly won praise and points for modern feminism with her IG post, and later wrote on her blog how surprised she was that what was meant to be funny came across as another big step for modern feminism. She appreciated the attention but believed (as translated in English) “I, personally, do not consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism. It’s kind of just been so for unknown reasons. I am fully aware that there are many, many girls who are better than me at this so extremely many ways and who receive little attention.”


Remember Sophie Grace, the little girl that rapped with Nicki Minaj to the rapper’s track “Super Bass” on The Ellen Show? Well, the aspiring pop-rapper-singer is back with a new track called “Best Friend.” I don’t know where she got those pretty hard sounding beats primed for the clubs, but her vocals sound pretty decent against them! It’s a cute song and something appropriate for her fanbase. It promotes sisterhood amongst friends and is super girly at that with its non-stop color schemes of shades of pink and smiles. Hey, is her hype girl Rosie in the video too?


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