Gender-Testing: World Cup Officals Asked Genoveva Anonma To Strip To Prove Her ‘Womanhood’

Do you know Genoveva Añonma? First, she’s a woman. She’s also an Equatoguinean footballer who was asked to strip down naked to prove her “womanhood” to World Cup officials. Yeah, this is the kind of world we live in. Check out her story of humiliation. She’s not the only one, this is a practice in sports against women.


International sports star Genoveva Anonma revealed that she was asked to strip naked to prove her “womanhood” in front of World Cup officials. Not only was her personal torment mortifying, but it further opened the once closed-door on sports and their debate of gender and power when it comes to female athletes.

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Such a thing as “gender-testing” actually exists and it is when female players undergo procedures that either “determine” their sex or decrease any high levels of testosterone because their prowess are deemed too strong to be of a woman. This usually comes to the forefront when under-performing teams and players, jealous of the success of their female rivals, go to the ebbs of their jealously and accuse these players of looking masculine or men posing as women, making it easier to compete and get around rules and regulations

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