Dating While Black, Equal Pay & Stereotypes: Four Black Women Get It Right On ‘The Nightly Show’ [VIDEO]

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This week, Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show brought on a talented and successful quartet, which included Issa Rae (our fave), Jacque Reid of New York Live, Christina Greer of Fordham University and comedienne Marina Franklin to spotlight issues plaguing Black womanhood: the recent born-again matter of equal pay, the stereotypes of being too assertive and how all…

The 5 Times Susie Carmichael Gave Us Life On The “Rugrats”

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As little girls watching TV, it was a riot seeing Susie Carmichael because she looked just like us: brown skin and her black hair in braids, swinging about with barrettes on the end. We had already adored viewing the world through the curious minds of the babies on Rugrats. With the addition of…

Zendaya’s Response To Criticism Of Her Oscars Locs Is Exactly What Needed To Be Said

Zendaya Coleman purposefully–and awesomely–wore a locs hairstyle on the red carpet of the Academy Awards this year, and she did so with very good reason. For women of color attending the biggest moments of their lives, whether it’s an interview for that dream job or a prestigious ceremony of sorts, plans are immediately penciled in forContinue reading “Zendaya’s Response To Criticism Of Her Oscars Locs Is Exactly What Needed To Be Said”