Dating While Black, Equal Pay & Stereotypes: Four Black Women Get It Right On ‘The Nightly Show’ [VIDEO]

Black Womanhood was discussed on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. And no, it wasn’t a disaster. As a viewer, I finally nailed down the four basic food groups of Dating While (A) Black (Woman)…


This week, Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show brought on a talented and successful quartet, which included Issa Rae (our fave), Jacque Reidof New York Live, Christina Greer of Fordham University and comedienne Marina Franklin to spotlight issues plaguing Black womanhood: the recent born-again matter of equal pay, the stereotypes of being too assertive and how all of this has affected the Black woman’s dating options.

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Earlier this month, The Nightly Show held a Black fatherhood segment with an impressive roster of brothers in entertainment and the media (*waves flirtatiously at Common*). It had more of a relaxed setting as Wilmore seemed to be kicking it with his homeboys. For Black womanhood, the host displayed a more formal tone and genuine interest to his guests, since the media talks about us and our bodies at length because we rarely…

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