The White House Initiates #LetGirlsLearn To Promote Education For Women Everywhere & We’re Inspired

Go Michelle Obama !! Our First Lady is a part of an amazing global effort (with the Peace Corps and USAID) to get girls and women back on track with education! *tears*
Read more about the cause here! ‪#‎LetGirlsLearn‬


Let Girls Learn officially launched at a special presentation at The White House on Tuesday. Let Girls Learn is a global effort to promote education for girls and women because an approximate 62 million of us have had our education challenged. President and First Lady Michelle Obama stood with the USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) and the Peace Corps to bridge the gap of giving women back our human rights to read and write.

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At the White House, President Obama spoke on the general goals of Let Girls Learn, and introduced Michelle Obama who further expressed its purpose:

“One family, one community, one girl at a time. You’ve been driven all along by a fundamental belief about how change really happens. A belief that Barack and I share. True change doesn’t happen from the top down. It happens from the bottom…

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