President Obama & Katy Perry Effortlessly Addressed Domestic Abuse At The Grammys & We’re Here For It

There were some great performances at this year’s Grammy Awards, but one in particular brought tears to my eyes.


During the 2015 Grammys, President Obama shocked us all by appearing via satellite with a message about the #ItsOnUs organization that helps victims of sexual or violent domestic abuse receive the help they need. Katy Perry also had a message for the world and featured Brooke Axtell speaking of her experience with domestic abuse. Right after the emotionally stirring message, Katy Perry took the stage, angelic in all white, singing “By The Grace Of God.” What an intriguing performance!

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In spite of so many altruistic efforts people still aren’t getting how detrimental it is to our society that women are victimized and domestic and sexual abuse is an epidemic. Men in particular are not listening enough. At an approximate count, 85 percent of women in America have experienced domestic abuse (it’s 15 percent for men) and in forms…

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