Video Box: French Women of Color Explain “What Is Pretty In Paris”, Young Girls Speak Up Against “Microaggresson”

Un-Ruly is a really cool online exploration of how beauty is viewed around the world. There is the website and they also create “What Is Pretty” documentaries that are based on a specific city or country and features candid opinions from everyday women.

Their first clip, called a “digital postcard”, is set in Paris, and has Parisian and French women of color sharing “how nuanced beauty can be” in the City of Lights.

Have You Heard of Microaggression? The term is used when unintentional or subtly discriminatory or comments, such as the classics “you’re pretty for a Black girl” and the somewhat, but not really under the radar diss and description of a “Jew nose” are said. Hatch Workshops gathered a group of young women to reflect on the times they experienced microaggression and how such comments that are meant to be offensive are and results in others feeling self-conscious about something they shouldn’t.

Watch below!


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