Music Box: The Beyonce x Beck Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For, Angel Haze Is Playing “Gxmes”, and The Best Song From The 50 Shades Of Grey Soundtrack

Under the name of “Beckyonce” a SoundCloud user has uploaded an unimaginable mash-up of Beck‘s breakout ’90s hit “Loser” and Beyoncé‘s 2009 smash “Single Ladies” for “Single Loser.” The merging of these two completely different, but talented, artists comes hot of the heels of the 2015 Grammy Awards watercooler moment when Kanye West nearly bumrushed Beck on stage. As you already know, the alt singer-songwriter was accepting his Album of the Year trophy (which won over Beyoncé.)

The mashup is not as painful to the ears as you’d think, and is actually more enjoyable the longer it goes. But this is what mashups are for. Bringing two worlds together, that by societal or artistic measures normally would be separated. Ha! Got that deep thought stuck in there. Now just press play and be unforgivably amused.

Stylized as “Gxmes” “Games” is another new track from Angel Haze, who also just dropped “Candlxs” (“Candles”) and both are from her In the Winter of Wet Years EP, a percursor to this year’s full-length LP The Flowers Are Blooming Now. “Gxmes” features the rapper singing and experimenting with multiple sounds at once, which are new ventures for the headstrong talent. It’s against the grittier sound of her mixtapes, but the melodic yet chaotic juxtaposition works for her pretty well.

And the one thing everyone can agree about the Fifty Shades Of Grey film adaptation is the soundtrack. It’s well-crafted to to the more emotionally intimate parts, and at times subtly saves the film from complete mediocrity (burn?) The Weeknd‘s “Earned It” is great and Beyoncé remixed two of her own tracks into sultrier settings. But if you’re planning to see the film, let me save you from having to Shazam in the middle of a packed theatre because I already know the one song you’re going to be obsessed with which will be Vaults‘ “One Last Night.” It’s romantic at its core and the pop-R&B musicality is beyond dreamy!

You’re welcome.

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