I’m Out Here: So Fresh, So Clean Photos And Videos From The Niagara Falls, Which Was Nearly Frozen

Last weekend, thanks to my mom, we both took a trip to the Niagara Falls. We were visiting the New York side of the iconic waterfalls, as years ago, we oversaw the Ontario side in Canada. The Canadian side had more of a Las Vegas feel to it, as casinos were walking distance and carnival-like decorations dripped off the buildings.

This time, as beautiful as the Falls already are, we were on a specific mission to see them because they were historically frozen. Already naturally cold, this year’s epic deep freeze temperatures have left parts of it completely ice-cold numb (-14 celsius).

niagara falls

To return to the Falls, we left Manhattan on an 8:00 o’clock in the morning bus. We were joining a tour that would take us to the Falls’ highlights. Like the other passengers, we were on a mission to see some naturally frigid art.

niagara falls

The first stop in our journey upstate was at the Corning Museum of Glass. It was random, yes, but a cute pit stop because it’s an entire institution dedicated to the history of art’s usage of glass. They obtain over 30,000 pieces going back for centuries, and create their own sculptures and pieces that guests can make and buy too. The location of Corning is also called the Crystal City because it was America’s headquarters of glass-making and blowing.

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niagara falls

When we left Corning, we went straight for the Niagara Falls, or the American or Horseshoe Falls, as the New York side is sometimes called. You could feel the icy breeze once you were in the area. At the actual Falls, we were greeted by other visitors and a sea of camera phones, tablets and digital cameras. It felt exhilarating to be there and the air was hundreds times fresher than you forgot it ever could be. That was the word of the day for the Falls: fresh. The water, the sky, the snow, all felt crisp and the water from the river into the fall flowed without a care in the world. Clumps of snow and ice were spread about and even impressively ambushed the massive magnifying glasses that are normally used by guests at their leisure.

It soon got very cold and I was anxious to get away for awhile and warm-up, but it was amazing! The winter wondered equivalent of a rainforest. I wondered how awesome it might’ve looked from Canada across the way.

niagara falls


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