VIDEO BOX ROUNDUP: Kanye Dances To “All-That”,The First Half-Black “Miss Japan” Is Crowned And The One YouTube Food Channel You Need To Watch

Kanye Dances To “All-That”

The memes went in on the footage of Kanye West dancing like Puff Daddy in ’97 at a Foundation Louis Vuitton for Paris Fashion Week. With background music ranging from the Rugrats theme song to B2K’s “Bump Bump Bump”, his robotic moves were re-imagined. The best one however was the one with the theme song from Nickelodeon’s ’90s show All That. OMG. THE INTERNET.

And here’s West dancing to Usher‘s “U Remind Me”

AND to the theme song from Living Single

The First Half-Black “Miss Japan” Is Crowned

At this year’s Miss Japan pageant, for the first time, the winner was Japanese but also African-American! Ariana Miyamoto, 20, was excited and shocked when she heard her name announced and most of the other contestants onstage responded warmly. She then posed with the winner of Mister Japan.

Because people are corny, there has been some minor backlash because of her biracial identity (half-Japanese people are called “haafu” in Japan, which translates a little derogatory), but support of her historic win has superseded the hate. Miyamoto will go on to compete in the Miss World pageant.

The One YouTube Food Channel You Need To Watch

I found out about this “rainbow cake” through BuzzFeed and I then became entrapped to the YouTube baking channel How To Cook That by Ann Reardon. She is a baking genius! The rainbow cake is like a two in one because inside of the dessert are heart-shaped pieces that are tie-dyed, its surroundings are vanilla and the outside of the cake with is covered in tie-dye frosting! LAWD!

Some of her other baking tutorials are just as amazing to watch. She’s recreated in cake and treat forms the Instagram, YouTube and Facebook logos, an iPad, a Converse sneaker, rock candy, a plate of spaghetti…so good!

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