VIDEO BOX ROUNDUP: FKA Twigs’ New Video Is A Vogue & Catwalk Tribute; Kerry Washington’s Compelling GLAAD Speech Will Make You Think…& Amy Winehouse Is Our Throwback Tuesday

FKA Twigs’ New Video Is A Vogue & Catwalk Tribute

“Glass and Patron” is the new single by FKA Twigs for an upcoming music release. She directed the video herself and of course it’s weird (especially in the beginning), exhilarating and the song deliciously poppin’. With the addition and influence of the vogue dancers and culture, it also feel like an out of nowhere, fitting tribute to the ball and club kid era of the ’80s and ’90s. One YouTube commentator (“eaux kei“) had wrote that, based on the outre beginning, that she had “gave birth to a vogue battle! Yasss!” in the clip. Some YouTubers are so observant. I didn’t even make that connection!

Kerry Washington’s Compelling GLAAD Speech Will Make You Think…

If you haven’t seen Kerry Washington’s rousing acceptance speech for her Vanguard honor at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, get ready to be inspired or stirred by her outspoken voice for equality, again! Eloquent yet real, she pulled a Fiona Apple in going hard in the paint for how communities of color and LGBTQ have been pitted against each other and that the growing inner-hate or complicated relationships between “minorities” and “other” has only lessened the speed of progress for America’s most regularly disrespected groups. Washington, or as she called herself “that woman from Scandal“, strongly asserted that unity from the aforementioned and disregarded were necessary in combating prejudice and injustice which the judicial system has proven to exacerbate and the same went for racists, misogynists and homophobes.

Her speech was powerful and controversial and talking about the LGBT and minority groups as a kind of new age Justice League was impactful, whether one agrees with it or not. Her speech’s points of intersectionality was sorely missed at this year’s Oscars during Patricia Arquette‘s own acceptance speech. When Arquette spoke of equality for women and she mindlessly made it a fact to say (and she had thought of this, since it was written down on the paper she brought with her) that it was time for “everyone else” to fight for “women’s rights” but aren’t some of those “everyone else” also women of color? She clarified on Twitter that women of all races were included in her roar, but what was a brief shining moment of feminism on a world stage became defining and dividing tool in how women’s rights and equality rallies have rendered themselves to be at times more exclusive than importantly inclusive.

That was bit of a think piece I know, but give Washington’s speech a chance and press play below:

And read more about the sometimes strained relationship between gay men and Black folks, read this previously published piece here: Dear White Gays & Black Women, You Are Not Each Other’s Enemies

Amy Winehouse Is Our Throwback Tuesday

And the Jam of the Day is “In My Bed” by Amy Winehouse, a Nas-sampled single from her first album Frank.

“Yours is a familiar face, but that don’t make your place safe in my bed…”

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