Instagram Got Rid Of a Period Pic, But Has No Problem Promoting Sweatshirts That Depict Rape Culture

This post is not in support of this brand or their disgusting item. It’s to raise awareness that the glamorization and depiction of rape, or as the media has labelled the epidemic as “rape culture”, still continues in our most prominent means of information and influence, popular culture. And undoubtedly this includes the presence of fashion whether it be low, street, or high-end.

So the image below from artist Rupi Kaur, the creators of Instagram initially found offensive and immediately they sent her a message/warning that she wasn’t complying to Community guidelines. Following Kaur’s eloquent lioness roar, it was restored on her page. But it said a lot about the double standards of what is normalized in our American society and what subjects and matters remain unfairly silenced. Yes Instagram, women do get their periods. occasionally even, an artist that is female will want explore what to explore the everyday attributes that represents her evolving womanhood and that includes the keep-in-the-closet menstrual cycle.

But Instagram has yet to take this image down that is open accessible for users of all ages to see…

Those sweatshirts above? The street-wear brand 1992 produced it and for whatever reason thought it would be awesome to portray the highly adored characters of ’90s anime cartoon Sailor Moon as victims of rape. They are tied up and gagged in bondage. It’s absolutely disgusting. I first saw the image with Sailor Moon on VFiles Instagram and immediately thought “What the fuck is this?” In the captioned they tagged @1992gear, the makers of the pro-rape sweater. I was pissed but I clicked on the tag to see if 1992 were actually promoting utter misogyny. My research led me to the images of both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, the latter also drawn abused but in an even worse condition. 1992 nicknamed the cartoons Sailor Poon and Mercury Poon.


Who the fuck in those 1992 meetings, for the spring 2015 collection, thought that this would be okay? I honestly don’t mind sexual imagery if it’s actually sexy. BUT WHAT IS SEXY ABOUT THIS? Instagram felt compelled to take down Kaur’s picture, that in some shape and form could be viewed as poetic of one aspect of life as a woman. But these 1992 sweaters? No they can say? Those sweaters are exactly why we must continue to fight and feel inspired and unafraid to speak up and say no to GARBAGE like this. And they aren’t the only ones. You might’ve seen overtly sexualized images, to point of gratuitous and abusive, of Disney characters and the iconic superheroes of Marvel and DC. 1992 actually thought Sailor Poon and Mercury Poon were worthy of being a part of their street-wear legacy. I really wonder what they thought when they issued those images. Oh yeah. This is cool”? “Our audience would like this”? I didn’t know their  fanbase were rapists and supporters of violence against women.

Oh, and it costs $75. So tired of this bullshit.

I hesitated to post this because I know it’s disturbing, but I couldn’t believe what I saw when while I was viewing my IG newsfeed.

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