UPDATED! 12 Memorable Female Performances That The Late Show With David Letterman Gave Us #ThanksDave



The Late Show with David Letterman aired its final episode last night! The iconic comedian announced his retirement in April of last year. After a 33-year-run, which began in 1993 and completing at 4, 263 episodes (damn!), Letterman participated in a light-hearted but touching tribute to a legacy well secured.

In the years during, the 68-year-old Indiana native gave us tons of memorable interviews with the celebrities and politicians that visited the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. But he also lent his platform to some of the most acclaimed live performances of your favorites artists and bands.

As a way of saying au revoir to Dave (Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert will relaunch the Late Show this September), here are just eleven of the great repeat-worthy sets by woman musicians who effortlessly brought down the house.

Thanks for the memories.

Sincerely, this #90schild

Amy Winehouse performed her first American televised set on The Late Show with David Letterman America with “Rehab”, in 2007

Beyonce performs a soaring “Halo” in 2009

M.I.A. performs her version of “will the real M.I.A. please stand up” of her rambunctious “Born Free” in 2010

Christina Aguilera stung with the heartbroken balled “You Lost Me” in 2010

After a dismal performance on SNL, Lana Del Rey redeemed herself nights later by performing a less stressful and appropriately mellowed “Video Games”, in 2012

This year, Banks unexpectedly got interactive and light-rod on the Letterman stage, while performing “Beggin’ for Thread”, and it was dope.

Janelle Monae got loose in 2013 for “Dance Acopalytic.” She even got on Letterman’s famous desk!

Mariah Carey made her first appearance in 1994. In promotion of her Music Box LP, she performed a soulful “Anytime You Need A Friend”

Ten years ago, Sleater Kinney rocked with “Jumpers” from their amazing album The Woods

Earlier this month, the fantastic Tracy Chapman performed a tribute cover to the recently deceased Ben E. King. She played his classic “Stand By Me.”

Mary J. Blige was always great on Letterman. In 1997 for her single “Love Is All We Need” she went in, jamming on stage. She was joined by two enthusiastic male dancers and a guest cameo from Nas!

Alicia Keys got the crowd on their feet for her 2012 single “Girl on Fire.”

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