Jessica Alba Is Preparing To Introduce The Honest Company’s Makeup Line!

The Honest Company’s cosmetics line is on the way!

After Jessica Alba glowed on the cover of, not InStyle or Glamour, but Forbes magazine this Spring, celebrating its list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” (word!), the movie star has revealed the upcoming Honest Beauty.

Alba has famously and impressively co-find the defiantly all-natural, all-organic line of household and baby products called The Honest CompanyThe brand is expanding what it’s learned from being valued at currently $1 billion dollars to the aggressive and colorful world of cosmetics. (As if beauty addicts needed another reason to re-up on makeup or become obsessed with product-hoarding, testing, owning…!)

The official Honest Beauty Instagram made the announcement which was reposted by Alba herself to her 5.3 million followers. The actress is posed nearly in the middle with five models, all in crisp, white blouses. Three of them are certainly mixed or of color. (Don’t the first two on the left look alike?)

This is so exciting!

In the picture above, Honest Beauty shared a sneak peek from the mixing lab, looking like a concoction for lipstick.

Eco-friendly and toxic-free cosmetics are like the underground features of the makeup world, as they’re usually sold in more exclusive terms of retailers, but still sold at known retailers like Target and Whole Foods. Previous to Honest Beauty, Origins, Aveda and Burt’s Bees launched makeup collections, after their skincare and haircare lines flourished. And Lush slowly released cosmetics options too, as they now sell eyeliners, liquid lipsticks and a mascara called Eyes Rights. It’s a small, coin purse size tube that contains Carnauba waxes in its ingredients to naturally lift and volumize lashes.

For organic makeup, the advertisements and selling of these type of products are usually without the gimmicks or extravagance of staple, mega brands of Urban Decay and Maybelline. They tend to have a practical approach to painting the face generously. Sales are often okay, but have never competed with the revenue of even drugstore labels. Might this change with Honest Beauty, especially since Alba is involved and will be a guarantee spokesperson?

Hopefully, the price points will be reasonable too! I definitely going to be purchasing some eco-friendly products. I just don’t know which ones yet!

Honest Beauty’s announcement comes on the Birkenstocks of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP website ready to launch her own makeup line through a collaboration with Juice Beauty, a brand that aims to be free of harsh chemicals or mixing too.

Oooo, an organic makeup revolution! (Here are some suggestions to get started, according to Allure magazine).

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  1. […] two months after Forbes, Alba announced that an Honest Beauty makeup line was on the way. That really excited me. Plasmic or biologically-friendly based makeup […]

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