All The Glamour and Detox Products Celebrities Are Hawking To Us On Instagram

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid Instagram user or check out the photo collage app once-a-week as part of your social media cleansing. You’ve probably seen the many, many unintentionally funny posts on supposed get-quick glamour products like waist trainers and hair pills taking over your feed. Months ago, we all had to endure shout-outs to tricks like waist trainers and body wraps to get the desired hourglass female shape. And a product like Hairfinity became a cult beauty item because of social media and celebrities posting with the bottle of multivitamins (promising to grow your hair by inches in two months). The brand hit its peak when Kim Kardashian posted with her own. By then, it became implied that celebrities, from D-list to the A-list, were being paid or given some kind of incentive to promote these dubious beauty products.

After recently seeing an even higher surge of more random products being promoted on the ‘gram, it was time to list them all and collectively laugh. Are we that gullible as pop culture observers? Sometimes. Maybe. Some of the products do appear decent and safe, like Protein World. But PureLeef? Such “recommendations” we’re trying to read between the lines of bullsh*t!

Would you maybe consider any of these brands to get cute or keep it tight?

PureLeefa “body-plumping” cream that promises to keep the weight at specific places on your body and maintain a shapely butt. They make it sound so easy!

Instagram model MiracleWatts promotes it regularly on her page. Sure. (You’d be better off finding the type of squat exercise that works and do it religiously! Actually werk that booty!)

GirlyCurvesWe’ll give Cici a pass for this, but c’mon! You’ve had a fit, amazing body since Goodies. Maybe she felt like as a new mom to her son Future, her followers could relate to wanting to get back to a “snatched” figure. But don’t go crazy wearing these trainers. They can be harmful to the body if used excessively or ways that truly restrict your body’s organs.

Hair Burstbasically the new Hairfinity. Based out of the U.K., by taking two pills a day, your hair should be noticeably longer in three months. Apparently the pill includes biotin, vitamins A, C and D, and zinc. Hmmmmm.

My Body Rocket: another hopping on the #TeamWaistTraining #TeamSmallWaist beauty is a talent parade. The “#1 Colombian trainer” even has an item called the “Kim Kardashian.”

Teami Blendsa detox tea that’s actually “not just tea” but “a lifestyle.”

Protein World: one of the more reputable products from the Instagram mall, this brand is actually sold at stores like GNC. It uses ingredients like oats and whey. The coconut oil jar does look honest!

Fit Tea: the most epic detox tea around evidently. Celebrities of the reality TV spectrum cannot stop promoting it. It’s a “fat burner”!

SkinnyMint: another detox tea.

MateFit: “functional tea blends.”

Affordable Look Plusoh yes. The teeth-whitening kits. Seeing them reminds me of my freshmen college days when Crest came out with the White Strips. These kits rival the detox teas in how rapid they are on Instagram and celebs sharing their discounts codes so we glow in the comfort of our bedrooms or work and get them whites right.

And then there’s the queen, QUEEN, of Instagram product hawking, Blac Chyna. If you follow her on IG (*guilty as charged*), she promotes at least three-four lines a week. It must be a part of her payroll!

She’s had almost all of the products mentioned above on her page and here are just two others she wants us to hop on next.

Advocare Beauty and Healtha brand seemingly obsessed with fiber.

blac chyna instagram

Blac Chyna instagram

Hot Palm: a “tummy tuck butter” that’s a part of the “Brazilian diet.”

blac chyna IG

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