The Most Hilarious and Sad Responses To Twitter’s #SingleBecause

When Carrie Bradshaw is given her first, fresh published copy of her latest book, about the first year of marriage, in Sex and The City 2, the camera focuses on her dedication that reads: “To all the former single girls.” As nice as that sounded on paper, if you were watching the film as a single person, you might have felt like just taking your seat and re-placing it in the chopped liver section of your local movie theater or stuff two handfuls of popcorn in the comfort of your home.

There lots of articles from ten years ago to last week written to console and support the single women and men out there, reassuring us that riding solo is really not that bad and can be a lot of fun! But any single person will tell you that most actually do want to be in a relationship or at least be in the stages of getting to know someone, but there so many reasons why being single is the only option and your significant other status is TBD.

Every once in a while on Twitter, the hashtag conversation of #SingleBecause returns, and it did just that this past weekend before July 4. For about three days, users shared both hilarious and kind sad but true accounts of why they are alone, or because its Twitter and they trolls, used to be.

Scroll through below to read some of the responses.

Screenshot 2015-07-06 at 10.42.29 AM

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