#TBT Kelly Clarkson Turns Demi Lovato’s ‘Cool for the Summer’ Into A Beautiful Breezy Ballad [VIDEO]

American Idol‘s first winner Kelly Clarkson is currently on tour for her Piece by Piece album. While Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour has famously had celebrity guests physically present at her shows, Clarkson has been showing the love by covering songs of other artists. And she’s slaying these tracks under her rendition. (I feel like the music world forgets that Clarkson is still one of the most genuine vocal talents in the game).

One of her latest cuts was covering Demi Lovato‘s “Cool for the Summer” at her Staples Center stop on August 19th in Los Angeles. It was double awesome for Lovato because Clarkson not only sang her new song, it was for her birthday.

Watch the video below to see how Clarkson turn the pop-R&B-electro single into a lush, pop summer breeze ballad. And Lovato’s response underneath it!


Back in 2011, during her own tour, Lovato was a fan herself of covering songs. In particular, she chose Lil Wayne‘s hip-hop softie “How to Love.” Her live versions got her praise and she finally recorded a studio cut for VH1.

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