Watch All Four Parts Of Lady Leshurr’s ‘Queen’s Speech’ Rap Saga Because They’re Dope

photo by Gus Stewart
photo by Gus Stewart

If you’re like one of my dear friends who’s been eager to see more female rappers on the come up and with nothing but the bare necessities–mad skills and bars–us Americans have been sleeping on the wildfire style of Lady Leshurr. From Kingshurst in the U.K. and of St. Kitts (a Caribbean island) descent, Leshurr has released nine mixtapes and four EP (and starred in the film 1 Day). Her star has risen further with cameos on records with Nigerian artist D’banj and fellow U.K. acts like Vince Kidd, Labririth and Orbital who earned a hit with her on their single “Wonky.”

Starting this past February, she launched her lickety split fast, grime rap saga “Queen’s Speech” and it is a must-hear. You don’t have to be a hip-hop historian to know that from the first couple of lines in that Leshurr’s impressively packed with pop culture references, Jamaican lingo while in tandem with an effortlessly stream of consciousness thoughts on honesty, partying, wagers, fashion and in American talk, “Instagram hoes”, her rhymes makes “Queen’s Speech” one of the most memorable tracks of 2015.

Most Americans writers when and if they discover Leshurr will quickly label her music as feminist, but she’s actually a standalone Ronda Rousey type, challenging and calling out “nasty gyals.” There is even a line in “Queen’s Speech 3” where she states: “I’ll be Beyonce to these girls and I’ll Michelle dem.” OH!

She also has an interesting affinity for hygiene. I mean we all should but she constantly reminds us to change “dem panties” and brush our teeth.

“Queens’s Speech 4” I found on The Fader and it was released online this August. It’s her most American influenced speech with call-outs to “tapping that” on Instagram, Kriss Kross, Queen Latifah in Set It Off, Netflix, Fetty Wap, Caitlyn Jenner and an interpolation of Kanye West’s epic “I got a light skin look like Michael Jackson. Got a dark skin look like Michael Jackson” to “I got a light skin friend look like Rachel Dolezal. I got a dark skin look like Rachel Dolezal.” Part 4 was also chosen for a recent Samsung commercials that is currently airing stateside.

She’s kind of awesome, right?

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