12 Stalwart Posts From The ‘Feminist Tinder’ Instagram You’ve Got To Read

“Feminist_Tinder” is an Instagram account that posts screen shots of what are (allegedly) some of the most offensive, uncalled and plain stupid remarks made by boys to women and girls via Tinder, social media and other dating apps. The curator of the account is unknown but it’s the type of IG that is both hilarious (for the comebacks) and cringe-worthy for the previous sexist remarks. Dating apps and the horrors of them are a bubbling curiosity of online journalism right now. Vanity Fair recently published an expose by the controversial Nancy Jo Sales, who spoke to college students and post-grads, male and female, about the perils and advantages of trying to find love and most definitely a hook-up online. Yes, “hook-up culture” still exists. Ugh.

Below are twelve posts from Feminist_Tinder that ceratinly unveil the more dolent side of interacting with the opposite sex online. It may come across a bit misandry, but in reality, it is not. As also included in Sales’ article, males in particular have gotten too comfortable in pressing send on degrading thoughts and making disrespectful suggestions, and what Feminist Tinder is really asking is just how much can a woman take before she takes him to school instead playing it cool per usual (?). Here are the “highlights” of the best and worst of messaging potential suitors online.














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