Beauty Haul Diaries: A Look At Revlon’s New Packaging, Ultra HD Matte Lip & Ultimate Mascara

Revlon is in the middle of re-packaging some of their mainstay products and incoming newbies. From the typical cosmetic form of the cylinder tube (check: their Super Lustrous Lip Gloss or Grow Luscious mascara) to now a hybrid of a rectangle and an oval (a rectangular oval what have you!) the 83-year-old company is looking to jazz up the line in a way that still looks sleek but chichi in an “arty” way. (That sounds obnoxious, but you get where I’m going with that). It kind of reminds me Wet ‘n Wild‘s latest transformation, best shown through their slanted capped nail polish bottles.

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So far, Revlon has released their new shapes through the Ultimate All-In-One Mascara and Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. The Ultra HD Matte is the brand’s cut of the matte liquid lipstick trend. The eight shades (it looks like less in its store display) range from fruity brights to beige and peach. Of course, I wanted to try “Devotion”, a raspberry pink but when I first saw Ultra HD, it was sold out. Desperation to try it out matte lip product period led me to get “Love”, an orange-based red. I honestly felt it was too loud for me, but surprisingly the color was flattering. Made with a “gel formula”, there’s a buttery texture when applying and it smells like bubble gum! Definitely one of the best matte liquid lipsticks from the drugstore or under $15 set. It’s cool I didn’t end up disliking “Love.”

The mascara was another impulse purchase. The Ultimate All-In-One has a very tiny brush, but it’s not as minuscule as POP Beauty’s Peak Performance Mascara comb. I bought Blackest Black and while not a bad wand at all, I wasn’t all that impressed by it either. It may be best for a “natural” look. I’m willing to give it a few more tries.

As far as other Revlon mascaras will go, they’re all going to be contained in rectangular ovals. Reportedly, the drugstore will be saying goodbye to all former lines such as the Lash Potion, Bold Lacquer, PhotoReady 3D Volume, Overtime, and Lash Fantasy. Instead, Revlon is going the Buxom brand approach in having mascara options based on wand and purpose including: “Definition”, “Volume”, “Volume + Length”, “Length” and the first induction “All-In-One.”

revlon mascara

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