Travis Scott Tore Up Boston’s CURE Lounge With Live Performance  [Photo & Video]

A day after he performed as a part of The Weeknd’s ensemble Madness Tour, in Worcester, MA, Travis Scott made a special club appearance at CURE Lounge in Boston. Despite the hell of a lot smaller space, which included him literally kneeling next to the DJ booth and his head touching the ceiling, he brought his “I wanna rage” to a mixed room of stilettos, sneakers, bodycon skirts and t-shirts.

Most attendees in the crowd were fully aware Scott would be in the building as his cameo as a packaged deal through the #TheVibeSeries via phone app Viber and Miami it host YesJulz. It was a sweet deal as long as club goers showed the Viber app on their phone, they got in free instead paying a $30 admission price!

I went specifically for Scott as I’ve already heard his shows are epic because if he amount of mosh pitting and jumpin around. I waited near the booth (I felt like a “Stan”, but I knew how this worked from my club days in Manhattan) and waited about an hour and half when he arrived. Immediately fans of the his rushed to the front and right before he rapped his first song, we see all squished. Then during his continued performance, we swayed from the left, right, front, and back. It was crazy and after awhile, I was over it! The safety seemed to be at risk!

A few in the back agreed that some of the club goers in the back were doing the most. I myself wondering what the girls in heels were doing!

Because CURE isn’t the normal setting for a concert, I was still able to see once I moved. Scott performed about two more songs and then his set was done.

  It was a good show considering this was just an inside to what a full-length Scott show is really liked. He’ll be back in Boston next for two sold out shows, in connection with the local hip-hop and pop station Jam’n 94.5.


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