Fantastic Women Illustrators To Follow On Social Media

One great thing about Instagram and social media is not stalking the lives of celebrities (or frenemies) but stumbling upon truly amazing accounts that showcase a talent or passion. Though I love checking up on makeup and beauty blogger accounts that offer reviews and updates on cosmetics, I love to look at beautifully scenic photographs or incredibly dope yet lifelike  illustrations of everyday girls and boys.

On Tumblr, I really enjoyed Shit Bloggers Wear back in 2013, a semi-parodic take on the latest sartorial must-haves of the fashion obsessed. Skilled artist Cecilia Doan drew singular and seminal hot items such as the Celine Boston Tote and the Acne Studios shearling jackets. Through her charming illustrations, she was able to poke a little harmless fun at the apples of fashion’s eye while admitting through her artwork that she herself was a fan too. How else would she know to honor the Alexander Wang “Parental Advisory” sweater, an item Rihanna wore before it was even available on the market and a day after its New York Fashion Week showing?


Today, I peruse Instagram, and the less-known collage-making app, We Heart It for cartoonists. I especilly adore illustrations of pensive or fashionable young people or sarcastic memes that are comparable to the personalities of MTV’s Daria.

Below is a list of not just fantastic illustrators, but I also made the decision to highlight the women artists out there that are sharing their reflections of they view society and beauty through their distinguished characters.

Laura Callaghan

An illustration for on the theme of technology #psstzine #faxfashion #illustration #pattern 🤓🗄📠

A photo posted by Laura Callaghan (@lauracallaghanillustration) on



A photo posted by T:H:A:L:E:A:H (@lefthanded_art) on

Barely Blair by Mom Welch

Feeling this now. #barelyblair 😐💤

A photo posted by Barely Blair (Mo Welch) (@momowelch) on

_catface by Sarah Gilstrap

blue & chartreuse ☁️ (referenced a photo by @_xst of @aieshaveron)

A photo posted by Sarah😋MG (@_catface) on

Nikisgroove by Nicholle Kobi

Afro Butterfly lady #nikisgroove #illustrations #blackbeauty #blackwomanart #blackgirlmagic

A photo posted by Nicholle Kobi (@nikisgroove) on

Artist Ria

"Lost in Art!" -Painting by me on a small post-it … 🎨❤️

A photo posted by Artist Ria (@artist_ria) on

Holly Nichols

Ms. Val of ArtOfVal

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.02.55 AM

Katie So, illustrator and tattoo artist


A photo posted by Katie So (@katie_thebaby_so) on

Ambivalently Yours

Hailee Va

haven't been outside all day

A photo posted by hailee va (@slimesistren) on

Wicca Willow

wicca willow

Bianca Xunise

a PSA tbh, like until April

A photo posted by Bianca Xunise (@biancaxunise) on


Polly Nor

Babe you're going to be fine

A photo posted by POLLY NOR 🌹 (@pollynor) on

Ginevra Mandelli

Hommage à Balthus #oneyear

A photo posted by Ginevra Mandelli (@ginginx) on

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