The Best Social Media Memes About How Lame 2015 Was

It looks like 2015 was rough one for a lot of us. As today is December 30, 2015, 2016 can’t come soon enough. We can admit that we felt this exact same way about 2015 last year on December 31, but let’s just be grateful we can once again start anew. Because lawd Jesus, we would like a do-over!

Get a glass of wine, a cup of ginger ale, whatever your liquid weapon of choice is and commiserate and laugh at these memes that completely understand the agony and irritation of the year that was 2015. Bye, bitch!

👀 !!!!

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Success is the best way for payback. #2016

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k, ready for the new year (@asian.feminist)

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YES. 💁🏼

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